KIF Exhibition Halls

Hall 4
The 10,600 square meter hall hosts a variety of trade and consumer shows each year and is a popular and flexible site for promotional events. Located close to the eastern entrance of the fairgrounds, the hall has a 1,000-space parking garage directly across the street. Concession services and catering services are available and neighborhood restaurants are just minutes away. Enjoy our professional event staff help bring your show to life in this great space!

Gross Area: 10,600 sq.m
Dimensions: 135 x 75
Height: Sides 7.5 m - Center 4 m

Hall 5
This is a versatile exhibition area that features 4,300 square meters of space perfect for mid-sized trade and consumer shows. Located across from the fairgrounds' fountain, the hall is situated comfortably by a parking area that holds more than 1,000 vehicles.

Gross Area: 4,300 sq.m
Dimensions: 80 x 52
Height: 6.5 m

Hall 6
An exhibition area that boasts 7,000 square meters worth of space, this attractive venue is highly popular with grand scale exhibitions and events that require such grandiose spaciousness to hold large amounts of exhibitors and visitors alike. With a plush VIP lounge located between the hall's doors, the space has proven to serve as a functional point-of-sale for an assortment of exhibitors as well as an appropriate destination to meet and greet visiting officials, delegates and other noteworthy individuals.

Gross Area: 7,000 sq.m
Dimensions: 100 x 70
Height: 7.5 m

Hall 7
At 2,000 square meters, this exhibition space has proven to be a convenient choice for small-scale exhibitions and promotional events that market niche-oriented products and/or services. Located opposite of the fairgrounds' fountain, the hall also benefits from the convenient and large amount of parking space that surrounds it.

Gross Area: 2,000 sq.m
Dimensions: 58 x 36
Height: 5.5 m

Hall 8
Considered as the fairgrounds' flagship, the most recent and ultra-modern 7,000 square meter hall displays a striking exterior design that is visible from miles around. Apart from housing a vast exhibition space, the hall also has a spacious VIP lounge and reception area that both have easy interior access points. The 200-seat theater features state-of-the-art technical systems that are perfect for multi-media events, film, lectures and meetings.