Kuwait International Fair

Holding trade shows is just one of our roles at the Kuwait International Fair. Apart from recognizing, targeting and meeting the needs and wants of our visitors, buyers and sellers, we at KIF also offer value-packed marketing methods that promote our exhibitions as well as advertising that amplifies marketing exposure and strengthens exhibitors' marketing and sales communication, a tactic that always attracts the right visitors and thus, ensures an exhibition's success. After all, every task we undertake is geared to generate business for each and every customer of ours.

Regionally renowned events
With over 40 annual exhibitions, our trade and consumer events are one of the few locally and regionally recognized shows. All our events are timely, relevant and targeted to market demands.

Local awareness
Being the first and largest exhibition center in Kuwait, we at KIF take advantage of our comprehensive knowledge of the Kuwaiti market. We also have very close ties with the Kuwaiti government, local and regional trade organizations and media. Thus, our reactions to all of our customers' needs are quick, efficient and effective.

Export expertise
Traveling itself can be a hassle for some, let alone going through customs clearance. We at KIF do our very best to aid you in dealing with the special demands of exhibiting in Kuwait to establish a smooth sailing experience the moment you step of the plane.

Unmatched experience
Creating, marketing and organizing events has been a job of ours since 1972, a time where KIF was one of the few exhibition centers in the Arabian Gulf region. As a member of Union des Fories Internationales (UFI) since 1983 and the Arab Union for Exhibitions & Conferences since 1998, KIF has a reputation for holding highly popular consumer events as well as respected specialized trade shows and fairs.

Here to accommodate
Although participating in one or more of our exhibitions is a purely business-oriented process, we do want you to feel right at home when you arrive to Kuwait. Ever since the company's establishment, we have helped exhibitors attain favorably priced air tickets and strategically located hotel accommodation.