Welcome To Arman Saman Co.Exhibition Organizer

Arman Saman Company was established in 1994 in response to the needs of Iran’s specific and important export business sector.

In 1990 the Iranian ministry of Commerce, in pursuit of its policy of enhancing Iran’s foreign exchange earnings, looked to the private sector to promote and manage the participation of the Iranian companies at leading exhibitions worldwide, and as a result ,Arman Saman company was founded by the executive managers of that ministry.

During 1990-1994, Arman Saman managers organized different events in Asia, Africa, and Europe and in the Middle East under the supervision of ministry of Commerce. Highlights of those events were the home appliance exhibition in Barcelona, Brunei festival, and the Iranian consumer fair in Casablanca.

From 1994 to 2008, Arman Saman co. has successfully managed and organized Iranian trade fairs in different countries, bringing together participants and visitors, establishing and maintaining business relations and generating new business.

Since 1997, we are acting as the sole agent of Kuwait International fair in Iran, where more than 40 events are organized each year.

Over the coming years, the range and quality of services provided by Arman Saman co. will continue to be expanded and improved, toward the eventual goal of growing Iran’s export business.